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  1. Stone Tile Floor: Restore or Replace?

    Thinking about replacing your stone tile floor? It might be in your best interest to rethink this. Here are a few reasons why.

    More Cost Effective
    In many cases damage and wear to your stone floor can be repaired and made to look new. The cost of repair will be substantially less than the cost of replacement.

    A New Look
    Once stripped and repaired you can change the look of your stone floor. New tints and color can be applied to make it look totally different.

    Shiny Clean
    Sometimes we forget what our stone tile used to look like because of all the built-up grime. Perhaps it is worth finding out if we have something worth keeping once its shiny clean again.

    You can count on Destin Premier to make your stone tile looks the best it can. Contact us for our stone cleaning and maintenance services in Destin and the surrounding areas. We are happy to help you.