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  1. What is Steam Cleaning?

    When your carpet becomes too dirty for common household products to work, you must rely on a professional carpet cleaner to get the job done. But you want a true professional, not just in title, but in work ethic and success record.

    Steam cleaning is a multipurpose process that is essentially hot water extraction. The extreme heat of the steam dissolves the residue by which dirt and grime stick to the carpets. The steam will also eliminate any bacteria, mold, viruses, or microscopic pests. Best of all, steam cleaning requires no outrageous chemical solutions that could potentially give off harmful odors or trigger allergic outbursts; it can use basic tap water.

    Our licensed technicians are careful about how much steam and pressure to use, thereby keeping your belongings clean and safe. Even more impressive, before any of the deep cleaning, they will vacuum and move furniture if necessary. They will take the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied, treating each house like it was their own. Through practice and experience, we have assembled a high quality team of experts who are punctual, responsible, and comprehensive in their work.

    Did You Know..

    Steam cleaning is a versatile choice for cleaning not just carpets, but windows, mirrors, shower screens, toilet bowls, clogged drains, tiled floors, and so much more?

    We service the Miramar Beach area and our goal is superb carpet cleanings for commercial and residential properties that will make all floors look as good as new, no matter the size, no matter the challenge.