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  1. Steam Carpet Cleaning

    With certified technicians and state of the art equipment, Destin Premier excels at providing the most diverse and effective floor cleaning on the Emerald Coast. Of course, our specialty is steam carpet cleaning, and we spare no expense in giving their customers the most optimal service possible. Other companies may charge less money, but they also perform slipshod work. We deep clean your carpets using steam extraction from a truck-mounted unit, offering more power, yet resulting in fast dry times; they use safe chemicals that are even pet-friendly, too.

    Moreover, Destin Premier goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. We will vacuum the designated areas, move most furniture, pre-spray and pre-spot for thorough cleaning, and apply scented deodorizers to finish the job correctly. We even provide surgeon booties so you can walk freely on the carpet while it dries. Destin Premier truly believes in going the extra mile to complete every project; just cleaning isn’t enough. Customer satisfaction is the main goal, and they strive to achieve that.

    While largely known as top notch steam carpet cleaners, Destin Premier also offers the following services:

    • Stone restoration, polishing, and finishes (including Matte, Satin, Polished, and High Gloss)

    • Stone grinding and honing (removing scratches and lips, smoothing out floor)

    • Granite counter top polishing (includes stone-specific detergent and anti-bacterial chemicals)

    • Topical sealer removal (removing buildups that may accumulate, precedes restoration work)

    • Tile and grout cleaning (cleaning dirty grout, proper sealing, removing stains, and polishing)

    • Upholstery cleaning (includes pre-testing fabric to determine best course of action)

    • Water extraction (fast response time, air moving, dehumidification, repair/restoration)

    • Travertine polishing and cleaning

    • Special industry tips on stain removal and homemade cleaning solutions

    To be diverse is to be adaptable. In this day and age, cleaning companies like Destin Premier succeed because of their ability to excel at different things. Give us a call today for more information on our steam carpet cleaning services! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and talk to you about which package is best for you.

    Check our blog for tips on keeping your carpets clean!