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  1. Water Extraction

    It’s practically a fact of life that at some point, you’ll probably have to deal with a spill on the floor. It’s also a fact that cleaning up spills can be a tedious chore, especially if you don’t do it the right way. That’s why it helps to hire a professional water extraction team that will do the job at a high standard; otherwise, what’s the point? Our company serves Destin, Sandestin, 30A and Miramar Beach areas of Northwest Florida, and we strive to provide the best water extraction on the Emerald Coast for both residential and commercial properties. That may seem like a strong claim, sure, but after looking at our credentials, we’re sure you’ll be convinced.

    Our primary services include water extraction, air moving, dehumidification, repair and restoration, and even bacterial treatments. We use the most advanced pumps and vacuums to help restore your home or office to its original state and our tech team is certified and seasoned to handle any type of water damage. Inspections and estimates are also supplied to verify the severity of the situation. Most importantly, the work ethic we instill in our guys results in a responsible and very quick response time to your call. After all, it is imperative for us to be fast, since the longer water damage goes untreated, the worse it can get for both your home and those living there.

    What Causes Water Damage?

    Water damage can arise from a variety of situations: thunderstorms, flooding, hurricanes, (basically anything Mother Nature-related), leaks in the roof, etc. No matter what the cause is, the result is always the same: the home is soaked and/or flooded. If you wait too long to seek out removal and repair work, there are a few consequences. One, property damage may become permanent if allowed to soak for too long. Additionally, increased moisture can cause mold to grow as a result, leading to potential health issues. The EPA’s official website lists several methods to utilize while waiting for a water extraction response team to show up, such as what materials to discard, how to preserve important possessions, etc. They also offer preventive measures, too, as well as information on molding, natural disasters, and more (Unlike other businesses, we extend courteous tips to our clients, because being well-informed helps everyone in the long run).

    Contact Us

    Contact Destin Premier today by calling (850) 650-1860 about our water extraction services. We will be more than happy to talk to you about our water extraction services.