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  1. Carpet Cleaning Destin

    Destin Premier specializes in a deep carpet cleaning service. With fast drying times, professional stain removal, and great customer service, look no further than Destin Premier for your carpet cleaning needs!

    Of all the cleaning that goes on in a household, one area that cannot be overlooked is the carpet. Far too often, we walk over it and eat and drink over it and never giving it a second thought, but over time all that activity can cause an accumulation of dirt and grime that we may not see, but it’s there. While you could try and tackle the cleaning on your own, it makes so much more sense to hire professionals to thoroughly wash and dry your carpets, so when time comes to invite friends and family over, you can wow them with a floor that looks great and even smells great. Destin Premier services the Destin and Sandestin areas in Northwest Florida, and we pride ourselves on high quality workmanship with lasting results.

    Our Services

    We use carpet cleaning solutions that are even friendly to pets, and we leave no residue or material behind. Moreover, our quick-drying results speak for themselves; you won’t be waiting long to see the finished work.

    Carpet cleaning may appear mundane on the surface, but if you procrastinate long enough, you will find your floors filthy and odorous. Hiring a professional will give you peace of mind and a home interior you can be proud of.

    We offer a Fresh Quick Clean that is low cost. With this package, you vacuum and move furniture, or we can clean around it. We specialize in pre-spotting for all the tough stains in your carpet. Our unit is truck mounted, which makes for the deepest and a fast drying service. For more information on this service, including surgeon’s booties, check our packages.

    For those that want us to do all the work, we offer a Healthy Fresh Deep Clean. You don’t lift a finger! We will move your furniture and vacuum for you. We have professional cleaning solutions that will lift the deep stains in your carpet. We will apply a scented a deodorizer after the steam cleaning process. With this service your carpet dries faster and we provide surgeons’ booties for you while your carpets dry. For more information including area pricing and additional areas, check out our packages.

    Contact Us

    Give us a call today, and we can show you why our confidence in our own abilities is justified. We carry experience, dedication, and above all, great customer service. For a premier local carpet cleaning service in Northwest Florida, look no further than Destin Premier. Call (850) 650-1860 today!