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  1. Polishing Granite Countertops

    With time, granite countertops can become dull particularly in heavily used areas. Everyday cleaning products can create more and more build-up overtime. Sometimes, cleaners that contain waxes or sealers may temporarily make your countertops look good. However, once the cleaners dry you will once again notice the build-up.

    Destin Premier is here to help you keep your granite countertops in top shape.

    If your granite is starting to look dirty or dull- looking give us a call today. Our professional team can polish your granite countertops making them look brand new again. With periodic polishing, your granite will be much easier to keep clean. After cleaning and disinfecting your countertops we will seal your countertops with a long lasting sealer. Designed to last for years, our sealer will ensure the best possible protection against future staining.

    Polishing granite countertops is a job for our team of professionals!

    Give us a call today and schedule an appointment to see how we can help you. Be sure to check out all our other services as well.