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  1. Get Rid of Hard Stains

    There’s nothing more annoying as a hard stain on your carpet. The team at Destin Premier has come up with some tips on getting rid of theses pesky hard stains. Do remember that the sooner the stain is treated, the bigger the chance to get rid of it. First create a cleaning solution. You can do so from detergent, ammonia or vinegar. Depending on which you feel most comfortable using. Once your solution is ready follow the steps below:

    • Test the solution on a small, inconspicuous area, then tackle the stain by working from the outer edge towards the center and blot, don’t rub.
    • The final spot removal step is always to gently rinse the area with water and then absorb all the remaining moisture with absorbent towels.
    • When finished, place a 1/2″ inch pad of white, absorbent paper towels over affected area and weight down with a flat, heavy object.
    • Change absorbent pad until transfer of spilled substance or residue is no longer visible on absorbent pad.

    Destin Premier is the professional team for Destin hard stain carpet removal!

    For stains that are too stubborn to be removed by an at home solution give the team at Destin Premier a call. We are here to help with all your Destin carpet cleaning needs. Schedule an appointment today!