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  1. Dealing with Water Damage

    With Hurricane season upon us, storms will soon begin sweeping across our local area. No matter how much we¬†prepare for storms and hurricanes by stocking up on water and food and making sure our homes are ready, sometimes the inevitable happens. At some point or another most homeowners will deal with water entering their homes. When this happens you don’t want to wait too long before dealing with water damage. Destin premier specializes in stone floor polishing, travertine polishing and tile and grout cleaning, but they also offer water extraction services.

    Untreated Water Damage can lead to thousands of dollars in damage.

    Leaving standing water in your home can cause permanent damage if it soaks for too long. From a chance of mold due to increased moisture conditions to mildew spreading across you home, standing water can also cause health problems to your family. Mold can aggravate asthma symptoms particularly in children and the elderly. Using the right equipment is paramount to water extraction. The team at Destin Premier uses only the best and most advanced pumps and vacuums to help get your home back to its original state. We offer inspections and estimates for your peace of mind.

    Contact Destin Premier today about our water extraction services and everything else we offer.