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  1. Cleaning Travertine Floors

    Travertine floors are a great addition to your home. However unlike other flooring, you will want to be careful with how you clean your floors. Travertine floors are highly reactive to acidic substances, so you’ll want to try your best to wipe any spills up as quickly as possible. Even something small like spilled orange juice could stain your travertine floors if not cleaned immediately.

    Destin Premier specializes in travertine polishing!

    You will also want to be careful with the cleaning products you use. Although vinegar is a very popular home cleaning product, it is not recommended for travertine floors. The acidic content in vinegar could cause permanent stains on your floors. Below are some more tips to help you keep your floors in top notch condition:

    • Place doormats at entryways to reduce the entry of sand and debris in high traffic areas.
    • Use a dust mop or wet mop frequently to keep the floors clean.
    • Avoid using conventional vacuum cleaners since the beater brush can cause some damage.
    • Use neutral cleaners
    • Have Destin Premier polish your travertine

    Our professional cleaning services will turn your dull and dirty travertine floor or countertop into a spectacle.  For proper travertine polishing, the tile will be cleaned and debris will be wiped away. Next, our technicians will smooth the tile out by sanding in circular motions. Finally, we will finish the process off with a sealant to prevent any water or debris build up.

    Destin Premier provides excellent service to Northwest Florida.

    Contact us today and get your floors looking brand new! Be sure to check out all our other services and see how we can help you.