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  1. 3 Rooms for $99!

    With the holiday season upon us, the end of the year usually warrants a thorough home cleaning. The counters are less cluttered, the furniture is wiped down, and the walls are touched up. The floors, however, are what truly attract the eye. It can be distracting walking into a home and glancing at noticeably dirty carpets; vacuuming can only get you so far. When you need a carpet cleaned, you turn to the professionals. That’s why you should call us, the premier carpet cleaning company in Destin, Florida. Our business is providing high quality carpet cleaning to residential and commercial properties, and we can safely say that business is booming.

    We are offering 3 rooms for $99! Don’t delay and call us today at 850-650-1860 for more information on our carpet cleaning services.

    destin premier carpet cleaning special