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  1. Professional Travertine Cleaning

    Destin Premier is the professional travertine cleaning team you’ve been looking for. Servicing the Destin, Sandestin, 30A and Miramar Beach areas, we are here to help you get your floors back to tip top condition. With Destin Premier, you are guaranteed the use of environmentally friendly solutions.

    Proper travertine cleaning will include tile being cleaned and debris being wiped away. Our technicians will then smooth the tile out by sanding in circular motions. Lastly, a sealant to prevent any water or debris build up.

    Schedule your professional travertine cleaning appointment today!

    Stop looking a dull and dirty travertine floors. Our professional travertine cleaning technicians will bring your floors back to life. With years of experience second to none you won’t regret giving us a call. Check out all our other services here.

    Contact us today at (850)650-1860.

  2. Carpet Cleaning Tips

    Check out our carpet cleaning tips to keep your carpet looking great in between visits from our professional team.

    -Get a welcome mat for all entrances to your home. Welcome mats act as the first line of defense against loose dirt entering your home. Don’t forget garage and backyard entrances as well.

    -Vacuum your carpets weekly to remove any dust or dirt that might have accumulated. This is particularly important if you have any pets.

    -Use rugs in heavily trafficked areas.

    -Treat any spots or spills immediately. Don’t give them time to set in and possibly become permanent.

    -Avoid using harsh chemicals to treat your carpets. These may end up doing more harm than good eventually damaging your carpets.

    -Depending on traffic use, get your carpets professionally cleaned every 6-12 months.

    Try our carpet cleaning tips to keep everyday wear and tear to a minimum.

    Contact the team at Destin Premier to get your carpets looking brand new again. Need help with your travertine or stone floors as well? We also offer travertine polishing and stone floor polishing.

  3. End of Summer Cleaning

    With the end of summer upon us, now is the perfect time to give your home a much needed deep cleaning. The summer months usually brings more dirt and dust into your home. Insects or insect eggs can lie deep within your carpets or rugs. Make sure to move furniture and look all around for dirt and buildup. Its very easy for things to get lodged into carpets. Need help? Our carpet cleaning services are thorough and safe for children and pets.

    The summer might have brought extra dirt into your home, let us take care of it!

    Much like carpets, tile and grout can also get very dirty over the summer months. As kids come in and out of the house bringing in debris from outside, dirt can begin to build up. Even with added mopping, this might not be enough to get your floors looking top notch again.

    Our team of professionals is here to help you with your end of summer cleaning.

    The team at Destin Premier is here to assist you in getting your home back to normal. Our cleaning techniques remove unwanted dirt and buildup without damaging your carpet or tile floors. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

  4. Polishing Granite Countertops

    With time, granite countertops can become dull particularly in heavily used areas. Everyday cleaning products can create more and more build-up overtime. Sometimes, cleaners that contain waxes or sealers may temporarily make your countertops look good. However, once the cleaners dry you will once again notice the build-up.

    Destin Premier is here to help you keep your granite countertops in top shape.

    If your granite is starting to look dirty or dull- looking give us a call today. Our professional team can polish your granite countertops making them look brand new again. With periodic polishing, your granite will be much easier to keep clean. After cleaning and disinfecting your countertops we will seal your countertops with a long lasting sealer. Designed to last for years, our sealer will ensure the best possible protection against future staining.

    Polishing granite countertops is a job for our team of professionals!

    Give us a call today and schedule an appointment to see how we can help you. Be sure to check out all our other services as well.

  5. Cleaning Heavily Soiled Carpets

    Have you been neglecting your carpets lately? Or have a rental and unfortunately it wasn’t well taken care of? Whatever your reason may be, Destin Premier is here to help. Our team of professionals has the necessary equipment to handle the toughest stains. We have steam extraction with a truck mounted unit for the deepest, fastest drying clean.

    Don’t waste your time cleaning heavily soiled carpets!

    We have 2 carpet cleaning packages from which to choose from. Our Fresh Quick Clean is a low cost option offering pre-spotting and pre-spray application to get all those tough stains in your carpet. With this package you vacuum and move your furniture or we can clean around it.

    Our Healthy Fresh Deep Clean offers maximum deep cleaning and you don’t lift a finger. We will vacuum and move most furniture for you. As with our low cost package we will pre-spot and pre-spray all areas. After steam cleaning your carpets we will then groom them and apply scented deodorizer.

    No matter which package you choose, you will not be disappointed. Cleaning your heavily soiled carpets will become a distant memory. Give us a call today and see why Destin Premier has become the top Destin carpet cleaning company.

  6. Dealing with Water Damage

    With Hurricane season upon us, storms will soon begin sweeping across our local area. No matter how much we prepare for storms and hurricanes by stocking up on water and food and making sure our homes are ready, sometimes the inevitable happens. At some point or another most homeowners will deal with water entering their homes. When this happens you don’t want to wait too long before dealing with water damage. Destin premier specializes in stone floor polishing, travertine polishing and tile and grout cleaning, but they also offer water extraction services.

    Untreated Water Damage can lead to thousands of dollars in damage.

    Leaving standing water in your home can cause permanent damage if it soaks for too long. From a chance of mold due to increased moisture conditions to mildew spreading across you home, standing water can also cause health problems to your family. Mold can aggravate asthma symptoms particularly in children and the elderly. Using the right equipment is paramount to water extraction. The team at Destin Premier uses only the best and most advanced pumps and vacuums to help get your home back to its original state. We offer inspections and estimates for your peace of mind.

    Contact Destin Premier today about our water extraction services and everything else we offer.

  7. Pet Odor Removal

    We all love our pets. However, keeping our homes odor free can become quite the challenge thanks to our furry friends. Pet urine on a carpet not only leaves an unsightly stain but also an unpleasant odor that can potentially spread throughout your home. Helping you keep your home clean, healthy and smelling fresh is a top priority for the Destin Premier team.

    Pet accidents occur often and when they do it’s important to take care of it as soon as possible.

    When accidents happen, try to soak up as much urine as possible. You can also clean the area with mild soap and water, or a water and vinegar solution. However, we don’t always know where or when accidents happen. Some urine stains may be too tough to clean with simple at home solutions. It is also important to fully clean pet urine to prevent repeat accidents or possible damage to your carpet due to the odor.

    Eliminate pet odors and call the carpet cleaning professionals!

    Let the team at Destin Premier help get your carpet back to tip top shape and smelling better than ever. We do much more than carpet cleaning, check out our services page for everything else we have to offer. Contact us today to make an appointment.

  8. Cleaning Travertine Floors

    Travertine floors are a great addition to your home. However unlike other flooring, you will want to be careful with how you clean your floors. Travertine floors are highly reactive to acidic substances, so you’ll want to try your best to wipe any spills up as quickly as possible. Even something small like spilled orange juice could stain your travertine floors if not cleaned immediately.

    Destin Premier specializes in travertine polishing!

    You will also want to be careful with the cleaning products you use. Although vinegar is a very popular home cleaning product, it is not recommended for travertine floors. The acidic content in vinegar could cause permanent stains on your floors. Below are some more tips to help you keep your floors in top notch condition:

    • Place doormats at entryways to reduce the entry of sand and debris in high traffic areas.
    • Use a dust mop or wet mop frequently to keep the floors clean.
    • Avoid using conventional vacuum cleaners since the beater brush can cause some damage.
    • Use neutral cleaners
    • Have Destin Premier polish your travertine

    Our professional cleaning services will turn your dull and dirty travertine floor or countertop into a spectacle.  For proper travertine polishing, the tile will be cleaned and debris will be wiped away. Next, our technicians will smooth the tile out by sanding in circular motions. Finally, we will finish the process off with a sealant to prevent any water or debris build up.

    Destin Premier provides excellent service to Northwest Florida.

    Contact us today and get your floors looking brand new! Be sure to check out all our other services and see how we can help you.

  9. Benefits of Stone Floor Polishing

    Stone flooring is one of the best ways to express your individual style in your home, condo or workplace. With the many different colors and surface treatments available, stone flooring can give your space just what it needs to feel complete. When your floors become worn and faded, there is no reason they can’t look like new again!

    Destin Premier specializes in stone floor polishing bringing your floors back to life.

    Residents on the Emerald Coast trust Destin Premier for their stone floor restoration services. Whether you need Miramar Beach stone floor polishing services or Destin stone floor restoration, Destin Premier has the professional services to complete your job. We have been providing Northwest Florida with lasting results through our services for years.

    Leave the work to us; we know just what your floors need.

    Contact Destin Premier today and begin restoring the centerpiece of your space. We also do more than just stone floor restoration. Looking for carpet, tile and grout or any of our other services?

    Interested in a quote or have any questions? Fill out our form below and we will reply shortly.

    Stone Floor Polishing Form
  10. Prepare for Next Season with Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning Now!

    With a busy 2016 tourist season quickly approaching, now is the time to prepare and get your carpets deep cleaned when the traffic is slow.   Miramar Beach, Sandestin, Seaside and 30A are overrun with visitors each year, and finding a time to do a deep steam carpet cleaning  can be tough.  Even if your carpets look great, if they havent been properly treated by a professional carpet cleaner there could still be bacteria, allergens, dirt and grime beneath the surface.

    Don’t forget about upholstery cleaning!

    Often times we forget that sofas and chairs can also hold a lot of bacteria and allergens, and with all of that constant use by guests… and their pets… you can imagine how dirty furniture can become.  Now that the tourist season is over, it is time to schedule your carpet cleanings and upholstery cleanings and get everything looking beautiful, smelling new and ready for the season!

    The Professionals You Can Count On for Local Upholstery Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning

    At Destin Premier we specialize in deep cleaning carpets in condos and vacation rentals.  Our deep penetrating carpet cleaning process will remove stains and make carpets look like new… and ready for the next round of renters!  Our Miramar Beach carpet cleaning services are available whenever you need and you can always count on our Sandestin carpet cleaning teams.  Wherever you are on 30A or US 98, from Seaside to Destin and Miramar Beach to Santa Rosa Beach, Destin Premier has the exceptional, reliable professionals you need!

    Does your condo or rental have Tile & Grout that needs a cleaning?  Or maybe you’re in the market for stone restoration?  Be sure to check out all of the services we offer at Destin Premier.