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  1. Stone Floor ready for Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. And many home and business owners are stressing over having their spaces ready for this holiday. If the state of your natural stone surfaces makes you feel stressed, we can help. If your stone floor is
    sparkling less than it should and you are looking for affordable stone floor polishing, contact Destin Premier. If marble floors and surfaces are properly cared for, they will last for decades, even centuries in some cases. To ensure that your needs are met, the natural stone experts at Destin Premier will work closely with

    The whole Destin Premier crew is very thankful for all our clients and their trust in our work. We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by all your loved ones.

  2. Tile and Grout Cleaning

    A very common option, found in many homes, is tile and grout flooring. Even though this is a common flooring option, it comes with its own set of unique setbacks. Tile and grout floors typically come with a light-colored grout line. Although this can look great with your tiles color, it can also be extremely hard to maintain. This is because light-colored grout is highly prone to staining. So, when your grout lines become dark and stained, they will stand out no matter how clean your floors are.

    Homeowners are advised to professionally clean their tiles and grout once a year. Your tile and grout will be thoroughly cleaned, leaving you with beautiful flooring that looks as good as new. This helps the tile and grout for months to maintain its luster and clean look.

    The advantage of utilizing a professional is the guarantee that the job is done properly. Here at Destin Premier, we guarantee your tile and grout floors will be thoroughly cleaned and repaired, reminding you of how stunning they were when you first saw them.

  3. Water Damage Tips

    Immediate action is key when you are dealing with water damage. Our professionals quickly respond, using specialized equipment and techniques to rapidly drain the water. But while help arrives here are a few tips you can follow.

    Your primary focus should be safety. You should make sure it is safe to stay in the house. Make sure there aren’t any electrical hazards and be careful to not slip and fall. Once you have determined it is safe to be in the house you can do the following to reduce damage.
     Remove excess water by mopping and blotting the floor.
     Wipe excess water from wood furniture.
     Remove any upholstery and cushions, and prop them.
     Put aluminum foil or blocks of wood between the legs of the furniture and
    the wet carpeting.
     Use your air conditioner during the summer months for maximum drying.
     Transfer the furniture you can to a dry space.

    Destin Premier is happy to help you with your water extraction needs. Contact us today!

  4. Granite Countertop: Professional Cleaning

    Granite is the stone of choice for cooking countertops, not just because it is beautiful but also because it is resistant to most acids, very durable and easy to maintain. Nonetheless, the damage to granite is not impermeable.

    The team at Destin Premier can make it look brand new if your granite is dirty, scratched, cut, broken, chipped, or otherwise harmed! Granite cleaning methods differ according to the condition of the surface and the amount of soil, oil, or other contaminants being cleaned. Periodic professional deep cleaning services, using high-efficiency and stone-safe cleaning systems help keep your granite surfaces looking their best.

    No other surface may compare to a perfectly polished granite base. A carefully tended, well-protected, polished granite countertop will withstand the test of time. Having the right expertise in the area of buffing and polishing granite and natural stone means the difference between a decently buffed or polished granite countertop and a work of art.

    If you like the glass look of your countertops then we are the company that can provide you with that, let us help you out. Contact Destin Premier today for more information about our granite cleaning services.

  5. How often should I vacuum?

    When people see carpet fluff in their vacuum cleaners’ dustbins, they begin to get anxious. They assume it means their carpet fibers are being destroyed by the vacuum. Luckily that’s not the case. Carpets can usually stand to be vacuumed several times a week without suffering any damage. Yet leaving dirt in a carpet simply breaks down under the fibers of the carpet and provides a breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites.

    Ultimately, carpets suffer much less damage from daily vacuum than from dirt left in the carpet. This is essential to note as regular vacuuming is probably the most ideal approach to keep your home clean. Run your vacuum over high-traffic areas of space for general carpet hygiene. A vacuuming schedule is key to reducing dirt build-ups.

    It is advised to clean the entrance areas and busy areas at least twice a week, and the rest of the carpeting at least weekly, to protect the carpet.

    And if you are looking to clean your carpet professionally, Destin Premier is happy to help. Contact us today!

  6. Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

    Over time our upholstery begins to show signs of wear and tear, that is why it is beneficial to have our furnishings professionally cleaned from time to time.

    Extend Lifespan
    Our professional cleaning service will get rid of any dirt or stains, restoring your furniture to how it looked when it was new. This will expand the lifespan of your furnishing considerably, helping you save money in the long run.

    Fresh Smell
    Over time our upholstery will acquire odors that are very much unwanted. While you might be able to cover them up with fresheners this will not last in the long run. The only way to get rid of these unwanted odors and have a fresh clean odor is with professional deep cleaning.

    Improve Air Quality
    During its lifespan upholstery collects allergens which affect the air quality in our home. This can begin to affect our health and exacerbate allergy and asthma symptoms. Professional deep cleaning will get rid of all the allergens, which will lead to the improvement of your homes air quality.

    If you are looking for professional upholstery cleaning contact Destin Premier today. We are happy to help you.

  7. What are the benefits of having a Carpet?

    Many people spend alot of time deciding the best flooring options for them. Tile, hardwood, carpet? The options are endless. Here are some benefits of having carpet in your home.

    Many Designs
    Carpets come in many different styles, colors, materials and sizes. This gives you a lot of options when it comes to deciding what you want.

    They Cushion Slips and Falls
    Installing a carpet is a good way to avoid slipping and falling. They decrease the risk of slipping but if you do fall the carpet will also cushion the fall. Making it less likely that you will get hurt.

    Reduce Noise
    Carpets will absorb the sounds of people walking and talking, making your environment more relaxing.

    Save money and time
    Carpets can last for years if they are well maintained. The time and products you use with carpets are less than with other types of flooring.

    So, if you have a carpet contact us today for our carpet cleaning services. Destin Premier is here to help you!

  8. Air Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing

    It is easy to be unaware of the amount of dust and contaminants that build up inside your air ducts. The problem with these dirty ducts is that the dirt doesn’t stay put, as soon as your air conditioner is turned on the dirt, dust and bacteria buildup in your ductwork will get blown all over your house. This will have a huge impact on the air you breathe and exacerbate symptoms for people who suffer from allergies, asthma and sensitivities. The debris that come out of the vents will also settle on surfaces, making your home look dirty no matter how much you clean.

    That’s why during these trying times we are offering our services in Air Duct Cleaning. Let us professionally clean your air ducts, we guarantee you they will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Our goal is for each home to have the cleanest and freshest air circulating inside to help keep everybody healthy.

    Contact Destin Premier today to schedule your Air Duct Cleaning. We are happy to help you.

  9. Stone Tile Floor: Restore or Replace?

    Thinking about replacing your stone tile floor? It might be in your best interest to rethink this. Here are a few reasons why.

    More Cost Effective
    In many cases damage and wear to your stone floor can be repaired and made to look new. The cost of repair will be substantially less than the cost of replacement.

    A New Look
    Once stripped and repaired you can change the look of your stone floor. New tints and color can be applied to make it look totally different.

    Shiny Clean
    Sometimes we forget what our stone tile used to look like because of all the built-up grime. Perhaps it is worth finding out if we have something worth keeping once its shiny clean again.

    You can count on Destin Premier to make your stone tile looks the best it can. Contact us for our stone cleaning and maintenance services in Destin and the surrounding areas. We are happy to help you.

  10. Get Ready for Summer with Destin Premier

    Destin Premier Carpet, Tile and Grout Cleaning is here to help you with get ready for summer. This spring was a rainy one, creating mud and dirt, much of which probably ended up on your floors and carpets. Let our team of professionals get your home smelling and looking fresh. We offer two carpet cleaning packages: The Fresh Quick Clean and Healthy Fresh Deep Clean.

    Start Summer with clean floors, call Destin Premier!

    You also have the option of Scotchgard application to your carpet. Applying the Scotchgard will help your upholstery and carpet last longer and stay cleaner longer. Scotchgard provide stain protection by blocking stains and repelling liquids.

    Destin Premier also offers water extraction, upholstery cleaning, tile, grout, stone floor cleaning and sealing.

    Call your professional carpet cleaners in Destin today.